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There’s nothing like a day at TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park!

TreeHoppers is the best Aerial Adventure Park in Central Florida to experience excitement and challenge in our gorgeous Old Florida forest. Come out on your own or with friends and family — ages 1 to 101.
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You’ll see a series of platforms interwoven throughout the trees connected by cable, wood, rope and zip lines to form different elements.

Each element presents a different challenge of how to get to the next platform.

The TreeHoppers park equals a total of 10 different courses with over 100 unique elements, creating a series of adventures to lead you throughout the forest.

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Climb with Confidence

You’ll receive a harness and complete safety & equipment orientation before your climb. Our proprietary safety system helps keep your climbing harness securely attached to the safety line at all times.

Our courses are intentionally designed for your self-discovery, making lessons and guides unnecessary. However, in case of any difficulty, our park monitors and guides are available to assist throughout your visit.


You don’t have to be a circus acrobat or Tarzan (although it’s fun to pretend)!

Choose from 10 different color-coded trails, from Little Lemurs (for 1-6 year olds), to beginners (easier and closer to the ground), to intermediate, to advanced, to expert (the most challenging).

Climb a different course each time, or climb the same course over and over.

TreeHoppers’ 10 Courses

TreeHoppers Course Map
Rope & Clip Icon - Pink
Pink Level (Kids Only)

Little Lemurs Course

Rope & Clip Icon - Yellow
Yellow Level (Beginner)

Sunshine, Sunflower, Bumblebee

Rope & Clip Icon - Green
Green Level (Intermediate)

Mountain Trail, Forest Run

Rope & Clip Icon - Blue
Blue Level (Hard)

Rip Tide, Waterfall

Rope & Clip Icon - Black
Black / Double Black (Expert)

Black Storm, Commando

Checkout The Different Courses!

See our awesome courses through the eyes of our staff!

Little Lemur’s Course

Sunshine Course

Sunflower Course

Bumblebee Course

Mountain Trail Course

Forest Run Course

Rip Tide Course

Waterfall Course

Black Storm Course

Commando Course

Young Adult Male On Zipline

TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park is:

  • Outdoor fun in nature’s beauty
  • Fun for toddlers, kids, teens and adults
  • Great for group events
  • A great way to challenge yourself at your pace and personal speed
  • Environmentally friendly – no motors and no electricity
  • Great for building self-confidence
  • A feel-good exercise
Be sure to visit our Course Rules page for details on age, height and weight restrictions.