All participants will be provided adequate training prior to their first climb. Our courses are intentionally designed for self-discovery, making guides unnecessary compared to many other courses that are offered elsewhere throughout the world.

While our hope is that both adults and children can explore together, we do have a limited number of private guides for hire for those who desire direct supervision throughout their climb.

Our private guides are familiar with all of our courses. Since our courses are designed for self-discovery, private guides are not intended as instructors. Rather, guides provide some added aerial supervision. For some individuals it is just more fun to climb with another person.

A private guide can provide an added level of supervision for children on courses that only require adult supervision from the ground.

A private guide can accompany an adult (or group of adults) that would feel more comfortable climbing with someone more familiar with the courses.

A private guide can provide children access to courses that are required to be climbed with an adult.

If interested in booking a private guide, please call ahead to make sure that one is available (813-381-5400).